19 Apr 14 at 2 pm

ISO Gala ‘13 (left) vs. ISO Gala ‘14 (right)

I have been trying to figure something out for weeks now and I have been meaning to ask the Tumblr world about it.

A few weeks ago I met Laverne Cox, who a lot of you might now is a gorgeous transgender women. Also, she is a twin (I believe identical). Now, maybe my knowledge of biology is not as sound as I like to believe it is, but identical twins share the same dna, etc, etc. non? So, it baffles me how Laverne is transgender while her brother is not. Because, I have heard the ‘born-this-way’ claim and the ‘became-this-way’ claim (that some people weren’t born this way or that way but rather grew into and developed their sexual preferences and gender identification for whatever reasons). But, if Laverne, who claims ‘born-this-way’ wouldn’t her brother be?

So I’m asking all of you. You can reply to this post or drop a plausible/possible answer in my ask. Please do not come spewing lies, ignorance, hatred or  the likes - don’t waste my time or yours with such. Also, no one try come for me or attack me. I am curious and trying to understand and educate myself. 

18 Apr 14 at 11 pm

As promised - March Monthly Favourites.

(I’m not an expert just gaining experience and giving my friend practice with filming)

Thanks to Kofo Adebiyi for filming and editing (despite the typo :-) )

…I don’t have time for catty bullshit.

Matte Black Stiletto Nails#finally
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Homes in Ghana Accra

Where are the huts? I don’t see them

^^^^ lmao! Just reblogging for the last comment

A lot of us in this world have something or another we dislike about ourselves or our bodies. This doesn’t necessarily mean we don’t love ourselves (I love myself despite my flaws, although I often cringe at the thought of them) but it can lead us into different states of self-consciousness. And although we a bombarded with statements of self-love (‘if you don’t love you who will?’ ‘love yourself first’ etc). But, let’s be honest, it’s not the easiest thing to accept every little flaw - a sad truth or not. But one way I learnt to become less self-conscious about my bodily flaws was through other people.

My story cut short [also my struggles with my dark spots]: getting a partner (I have an aversion to the word “boyfriend”) helped me see that the dark spots on my face and back and the food baby I developed weren’t as nasty as a thought in my head. He didn’t care about all that and he made that known. But, nevertheless, he accepted my reservations about them; he wouldn’t fight me about not wearing clothes that reveal my back (although he fought tooth and nail about my make-up wearing habits, for other reasons). But slowly I became comfortable enough around him to not be too shielded (and that has led me to slowly become more comfortable around others, in certain aspects). And truth be told, it’s because of him that I am freely able to wear zero make-up in this shallow, judgmental place and not care. Because, what do I care what all these other people I don’t know&care for think if I have friends and a partner (people who matter) who don’t care about these things and think I’m gorgeous regardless (“if you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best”, right?). Although my partner had ulterior motives to the make-up thing (he hated getting make-up on his clothes when I hugged him, etc. And so he made a bet with me and I lost. lol.) - and I still wear make-up whenever and as often as I want (whenever I feel like it), not because I’m hiding this or that but because I love putting on make-up, it’s a fun process [but don’t get me talking about taking it off…most tedious process].

So, although it is a slow process of accepting my newly formed food baby, and this and that; I’m learning. If others can accept - and even love - the things you dislike the most about yourself or the things you pick at yourself for, why can’t you?

We are all much harder on ourselves than we need to be.

06 Apr 14 at 6 pm

Last night.
I wore the most comfortable outfit I could think up because I was on a mission to dance the night away.

Bodysuit: Missguided
Skirt: Mr. Price
Tights and flats: Target


I have already published a photo of my make-up from this day (if you scroll down my blog a little you will find it). But I just decided to post this one because - vanity aside - I love how it looks. My foundation especially. Now listen, I do not have the best skin (quite the contrary, I have numerous dark spots from my acne, and oily, sensitive skin etc) but I love dewy, natural foundation looks which is hard to get with foundations meant for oily skin (especially if you want full coverage) that generally just mattifies your skin. And above all, I appreciate a glow. 

I love when make-up makes you looks healthy and your foundation makes your skin look good without being cakey or flat. I don’t think enough people pay attention or put an emphasis on how good your foundation/skin looks when they do their make-up. Anyway, here’s the combination that works for me (NB: I have oily skin):

I mix the following: NARS Sheer Glow; Urban Decay NAKED Skin [and sometimes, more often that not, MAC’s Lustre Drops in Sun Rush - have been discontinued]. I mix it all together and use a sponge (BeautyBlender dupe) to mix it on my hand and then apply. This gives me a slightly dewy finish that looks healthy and natural. It also photographs BEAUTIFULLY. Sheer Glow is made for people with normal to dry skin so, I believe, mixing it with the NakedSkin helps to counter that making it wearable for oily skinned people (I don’t even use a primer and it doesn’t oil up all that much over time - you’ll just have to blot your sing or touch up once on the rare occasion).
Revlon Colorstay [oily skin combination] - even if you don’t have oily skin, I suggest this. Once again, I prefer using my sponge to a brush but a domed brush (like the expert face brush works just as well). I also add the lustre drops to this if I want a little added glow.
Sonia Kashuk Luminous Foundation - this doesn’t have a large range of colours; I bought it to use as a foundation but the shade I bought was too light but I started using it as an under-eye ‘concealer’ and I love it. It’s aptly called luminous  for a reason and what better place to illuminate than my under-eye area?

1. Eat better & healthier

2. Start exercising again.