1. my hunger is so real right now I’m just going to sleep.
    But before I do here I am with my braids. I tried to Morticia Adams it up w/ the black for you.

    Good night my loves! 


  2. I asked for them thick but the lady is making them regular sized (and it’s only one lady) —- I’m going to be here forever!
    But chai. having my natural hair out was not an option. I need a break. My hair and I have not been getting along lately - she’s being stubborn and difficult and I just don’t have the patience for that right now. We’ll revisit our relationship in a few months after a much needed break. Hopefully by then my hair will work with and for me


  4. Getting my hair braided tomorrow and hopefully I’ll have time to get my nails done as well.
    I also plan on getting waist beads (hopefully they’ll last longer than the others) but I’m still trying to pick a colour. To my Ghanaians (african-euphoria & yungg0ddess) is there a meaning to the different bead colours?? (I know I was told not to get red because it’s a colour of grief here and is mainly used my prostitutes ._. ) but what are the different meaning of the bead colours (if any) ?


  5. yungg0ddess:


    Anyone know of any good French films?

    Le Destin Fabuleux d’Amelie Poulin
    Huit Femmes
    Les Triplets du Belleville

    Les Intouchables
    Ne le dis à  personne

  6. Guys, give me a sign - tell me which to get and I’ll get it. I can’t pick for myself

  7. yungg0ddess:







    So, she calls out women for putting down women by putting down women… Congratulations, you’re a hypocrite. 

    Make-up is a necessity as a lady? Really? That’s news to me.

    How can anyone stan for this?

    This is sooooooo fucking stupid

    Listen, I’m tired of this makeup vs. no makeup thing. I know some women who wear absolutely no makeup and are beyond gorgeous and I know some who wear a full face and are just as gorgeous too. It’s all about personal choices and preferences. Some people are fine with just slicking on lip balm and some people want the concealers, foundations, blushes and all. Can we stop trashing people who choose to wear it and those who choose not to wear it? This is petty and silly. Do what you want and if others don’t like what they see then they can look away. I love wearing a full face just as much as I like wearing my bare face - flaws and all; if you have a problem then sorry I’m not sorry.


  8. yungg0ddess:

    Decided I want to do my masters in Development… It may change but I don’t think it will.

    looking into this area as well. I have been doing so much research and thought into where and what to do my masters. I still have two years, so I’ve got more time than Efua here but deciding is so hard. All the best babe.

  9. orionsnightsky:


    Get ‘em! John Legend stay woke. 

    And this is why I love John Legend

    (via tomhiddlesun)

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