1. my body aches everywhere and I have bruises on my body from I don’t know what/where.
    Thank goodness tomorrow’s Friday.

  2. The time I tried to make out with a minion.

  3. My goal is to pick a place & program by tomorrow. I need to start applying ASAP


  4. Impulse blog clean-up

    I deleted most if not all (I’m sure there’s one or two stuck in there somewhere) of the pictures of myself.
    It sort of just happened. I might regret this when I wake up tomorrow; I might not. But what’s done is done.


  6. Tagged by ilfred

    Name: Yeye/Yetti
    DOB: 29/11
    Birth Place: Harare, Zimbabwe
    Home: Ghana/Mozambique/Zimbabwe
     Food: Almost all seafood
    Drink: Fanta (a gift from the gods)
    Movie: ——-
    TV Shows: Brazilian novelas are my guilty pleasure that not many people know about (my mom got me into it — stop judging)
    Music: ——
    Place: there’s no place like home
    School Subject: Geo./Hist./Pols/Econ.
    Sport: field hockey (once upon a time) and swimming
    Actor: ——-
    Actress: ——
    Siblings: 4 brothers
    Dream Job: there is no title (technically) for what I want to do.
    Fears: ——-
    Religion: Christian (but All is One)
    Tattoos: None
    Piercings: None
    Languages: English/French/Portuguese
    Reason behind my URL: ;) ;)

    Why you joined Tumblr: A few years ago I just needed a platform to release on and Tumblr was still new and untapped at my school so I joined but that blog became a place of sexual-ness and friskiness that I fell out of love with (I still visit it once in a while but I cleaned it up — in case my family finds it lol but Efua and Anna might still remember that period *shrug*) so I created this one and here I am.


  7. I need a dog


  8. Getting my hair braided tomorrow and hopefully I’ll have time to get my nails done as well.
    I also plan on getting waist beads (hopefully they’ll last longer than the others) but I’m still trying to pick a colour. To my Ghanaians (african-euphoria & yungg0ddess) is there a meaning to the different bead colours?? (I know I was told not to get red because it’s a colour of grief here and is mainly used my prostitutes ._. ) but what are the different meaning of the bead colours (if any) ?


  9. yungg0ddess:


    Anyone know of any good French films?

    Le Destin Fabuleux d’Amelie Poulin
    Huit Femmes
    Les Triplets du Belleville

    Les Intouchables
    Ne le dis à  personne

  10. Guys, give me a sign - tell me which to get and I’ll get it. I can’t pick for myself